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10 tips to avoid being a jerk in the work place

​Ten strategies on how to avoid coming off like a know-it-all jerk in the workplace. Check out these tips… I guarantee you will be doing at least one of these at work.​Try to avoid empty compliments.That’s a nice sweater is an empty, automatic compliment.Offer meaningful compliments.​Comment on something about them like ‘you have a great […]

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How effective is your presentation?

​We asked audiences for feedback about presentations they had attended. The results will alarm you! ​62% thought the presenter didn’t understand their needs.50%​ said presenters read the presentation and had little eye contact.60% thought the presenter wasn’t persuasive or engaging.72% said they weren’t moved to take action by the presentation.That’s alarming!​Hands up if you want to […]

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How to stop being a boring presenter

We’ve had a little chat with your audience and gotten some honest feedback about what you are doing wrong.You’ve been presenting for a while now and your audience had hoped you would improve. But things haven’t gotten any better so they have sent you this urgent plea to get some help. Your audience is begging you […]

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