November 19

10 tips to avoid being a jerk in the work place

Check out the tips in this video, I guarantee you will be doing at least one of these at work.

  1. Try to avoid empty compliments.
    That's a nice sweater is an empty, automatic compliment.
  2. Offer meaningful compliments.
    Comment on something about them like 'you have a great smile' and watch how it lights them up.
  3. Be generous and give credit to others.
    Don't hog all the credit. Sharing credit won't lessen your contribution.
  4. No matter how hard people push you refuse to take offence.
    Its not worth the effort.
  5. Stop thinking you can do it all yourself.
    Know your limits after all you are just one person and not infallible.
  6. Don't assume others are as interested in your life as you are.
    You'll come off as boring.
  7. Take a note from good leaders. 
    Give your team the chance to provide answers and let them demonstrate what they know.
  8. You'll win a lot of fans if you can learn to laugh at yourself.
    Laughing at your mistakes can be endearing. All is lost if you are doing this next one...
  9. Don't dispute every single comment made. 
    This is surprisingly common and really annoying.

    And the hardest one of them all... 
  10. Come clean if you made a mistake. 
    Take the time to say 'you were right and I was wrong'.

Let us know what strategies you use to avoid coming off like a know-it-all jerk!

I hope this presentation gave you some inspiration. Sometimes a fresh approach can disrupt the status quo.

Based on an article kindly supplied by Gretchen Rubin.

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