September 19

How to stop being a boring presenter

We've had a little chat with your audience and gotten some honest feedback about what you are doing wrong.

You’ve been presenting for a while now and your audience had hoped you would improve. But things haven’t gotten any better so they have sent you this urgent plea to get some help.

What's with all those bullet points?
They can't take it any more. You are using way too many bullet points. You've gotten away with it so far but your audience is on to you. Less is more so why not get rid of them? Afterall they aren't reading them anyway.

Don't read your slides!
This really drives your audience insane. They know how to read!

What's with the clipart?
It's time to stop tormenting your audience with cheesy out of focus clipart. They know you pinched off the internet and will judge you for it (oh and just quietly, by your shoes).

Why the information overload on each slide?
Your audience really doesn't understand why you are putting so much information on one slide. Especially when you consider slides are free. 

Your audience is begging you to call AOK Creative and organise a powerful presentation with punch that will knock their socks clean off.

Do this for your audience and they'll love you forever!

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