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You only get one shot at presenting to potential investors and if your presentation fails there is no opportunity to present again. That lead is closed to you.

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A powerful presentation is crucial.

Hi, I’m Antonia, and I know for a fact that a great pitch deck can make obtaining finance for your business much more likely.

I have successfully helped my clients raise millions for their companies through a two-part strategy; develop a strategic message for their business, and create a powerful pitch deck with the key points investor want you to cover in your presentation.

This strategy works!

Dome was looking to develop a pitch deck that we could present to shareholders and potential investors. AOK produced a new concept within a short timeframe and guided us on how to structure our pitch and imagery in a way that better-presented investment opportunity. Our final pitch deck has been a success with shareholders and investors alike.

Jack McCarthy

CEO, Dome Mining Pty Ltd

Antonia was asked to develop new brand guidelines for the YPB Group Ltd. That involved clarifying our full range of services and defining a hierarchy of offerings. She then developed a family of logos. Antonia then moved on to developing a pitch deck for the YPB. This was very successful. Antonia was fast, quick to understand our business and intuitive.

John Houston

CEO, YPB Systems

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