You only get one shot at presenting to investors.

If your presentation fails, you won't get another opportunity to present again and that lead will be closed to you. I don't want that happening to you!

Is your pitch deck failing to excite investors?

If your presentation isn't engaging investors and motivating them to invest in your idea, you have no time to lose; it's time to get some expert help!

Simply choose the service that matches your needs.

Redesign my pitch deck

You have an existing pitch deck and simply need some help redesigning it.

Develop a powerful pitch deck

You would like help with design, content writing as well as the strategy and storytelling.

I recently helped develop a pitch deck for a company looking to raise $350M to build a US based theme park, a pharmaceutical company who successfully raised $8M, and am currently working on a pitch deck for a media company seeking $1.5M in equity. No matter the size of investment required, the strategy is the same. You need a pitch deck that tells your story effectively.

Let me help you create a powerful strategic message and visuals that will add impact and clarity to your pitch deck.

Most pitch decks suffer from a poorly thought out core message.

It is the first slide in your pitch deck, and if you get this wrong, investors may be left confused by what your business offers. This will undermine all your efforts.

Your core message isn't just a simple phrase; it represents an idea that integrates with the values of your business and how your services or products benefit your market.

If investors haven't responded well to your business idea when you present, it could be that your message is ineffective. It may even be resulting in slower sales and less than stellar business growth.

I can help you develop a compelling message that will not only excite investors it will set the tone of every communication which comes from your company. 

Are you having trouble defining your business clearly to investors?
You don't have any time to lose...

Pitch deck samples.

Explore presentations that have helped my clients get funded.

kickass presentation
kickass presentation
kickass presentation
kickass presentation

Need help getting started?

Download my easy-to-use content guide. This Step-by-Step Guide to Building a Successful Pitch Deck is free and will make sure you have the crucial points investors want to see in your pitch deck.

pitch deck content guide

What have my clients been saying about me?

YPB Systems

Antonia was briefed to establish brand guidelines for YPB Group Limited prior to us building our own in-house marketing team. That was successful and then Antonia developed several pitch decks and other marketing material for the Company. Antonia was fast, quick to understand our business and intuitive and we were very impressed with the results.

John Houston ... Director

If you aren't getting the reaction you want from potential investors, contact me.