Have you been given a PowerPoint template and have no idea how to use it? 

In the video below, I demonstrate how they work and how they can save you time.

However, if you really can’t be bothered learning about templates, go to our website by clicking the button below. We have four online solutions that include developing a presentation from a template. These solutions are cost-effective and your presentation can be returned to you within 72 hours.

what is a PowerPoint template?

It’s a presentation that is saved as a .potx file. 

When you open a template, you’ll see that it has no document name; forcing you to name and save it. That’s because when you open a template, it creates a copy of the original document. And that’s what's clever about templates. They keep your original document safe for future use.

why use a template?

If designed correctly, a PowerPoint template will contain master slides which are a series of pre-designed slide layouts which you can use to drop into your presentation and add content. They are very simple to use and will keep your business presentation looking great.

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