I'm Antonia and I'm a self-confessed design and creative addict. I believe good design and creativity is everything when it comes to delivering your business message.

You may not have used my studio, AOK Creative before, so I’m going to show you some of the impressive work we have done. We are very good at what we do and have had the opportunity to work with everyone from entrepreneurs and businesses to corporations and governments. 

AOK Creative is definitely your go-to studio if you want to put a creative spark back into your business.

Word Document design is just one aspect of the business where we create stunning template solutions – think mutiple cover page options and page layouts that are easy-to-use with templates that can be auto-populated with the press of a button. Just imagine the consistency you could get if you have teams of people working on similar documents. Suddenly stunning design, strong branding and consistency are available to you.

Another service we offer our clients is presentation design. We have had the opportunity to design amazing solutions for companies such as Universal Sony Pictures, where the final presentation was shown to the media at the State Theatre. AOK took their message and refined it into a strong graphic solution that brought their statistics and key messages to life. The chance to present is a one-off opportunity but if your presentation isn’t inspiring you could be wasting your time. Stop banging away at your presentation and delegate it to the experts at AOK and get on with what you are good at.

I am passionate about investor presentations. Helping companies explain clearly what they do and demonstrating their solution to their market, really appeals to my entrepreneurial  spirit. You only get one shot at presenting to a potential investor and if your presentation fails, there is no opportunity to present again. That lead is closed to you. That is why I developed my free Investor Presentation Guide. It gives you the 15-key points your investors are looking for in your investor presentation. I strongly suggest you download it.

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