Nothing ignites my creativity more than travel. Holidays are a chance for me to unwind – not too much though. Having your own business means being available for your clients no matter where you are. When you love what you do, working while on holidays doesn’t feel like a chore.

The great thing is, distance no longer matters. With good internet speeds, we can work from anywhere. And this time, working from Paris meant my files got to my clients faster than if I had sent them from down the street in Sydney. Go figure!

Paris has lightning fast internet.

After my whirlwind trip to France, I am back in the studio and on fire and wanted to share what we are currently working on. 

This week we are creating a suite of Word templates and PowerPoint templates for a national commercial real estate company. Each template will be branded for ten  locations. That’s 80 Word templates and 30 PowerPoint templates!

We are also just starting a suite of five Word templates for a company in Victoria and have come up with an innovative solution for their custom ribbon.

Word templates are a great tool to ensure everyone within your business is always on brand and that your documents all have the same look and feel. 

This week I also had meetings with two new clients for ongoing presentation work. I love meeting new clients as every client's needs are different and finding out what they want to achieve is always fascinating. 

Would you like to see some of our new work? I've just posted a couple of new presentations on our website. 

There’s never a dull moment at AOK. We are always busy. One team with one dream; great design that works.

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