I'm sure you had a vision statement when you created your business, but how clear was it? I don't mean spreadsheets and lengthy documents detailing the next five to ten years.

I mean that snappy statement you can rattle off when someone asks about your business. It's not your mission statement, elevator pitch or positioning statement (which is often confused with your unique selling proposition). It actually comes way before those and is a statement that the entire business and your customers can easily understand. It's the statement that defines what your business will look like in the future. 

Having a vision statement is a great starting point in clearly defining your long term goal and contains a few key points:

  • it's forward-thinking
  • engaging and compelling
  • speaks to your core values
  • outlines the benefits to your customers
  • gives an idea of where the business is heading

Here's a great example of what I'm talking about:

To make people happy.

To organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful.

These vision statements have taken years to hone down to these succinct versions. I would even go so far as to say the Disney vision statement has simplified its vision statement to where it's either ambiguous or laser clear. I don't know what direction the Disney empire is headed, so it would be a bit cheeky for me to judge.

Entrepreneurs often scoff at the idea of creating vision, mission, and positioning statements, but they are crucial. Let me show you another way of thinking about them. 

Each of these statements addresses separate messages for your business:

Vision Statement - What you are going to do
Mission Statement - How you are going to do it
Positioning Statement - Why your solution is needed

If you are doing any digital marketing, you will need to have these handy, as they will drive your efforts. You could even use them to develop your core topic clusters, which I will cover in next week's topic.

Of course, if this seems a little tedious for your liking, I've got a shortcut for you!

I created a powerful step-by-step program called the Business Impact Masterclassand this program, I will show you:

  • build a powerful business niche
  • develop a unique offering
  • become customer centric; and
  • create a core message that will be the cornerstone of your business

We are talking about a jam-packed masterclass built specifically to give you the skills to confidently build, promote and grow your business.

If you want help building a business with impact and can't wait, book a call with me today.

Let's chat about where you are at and find a solution just for you.

Antonia Grimard

About the author

Hi, I'm Antonia, and I know that through a compelling business strategy and effective messaging, you can inspire people to take action to buy your product or invest in your idea. So getting it right is crucial. My job is to powerfully communicate who you are to your customers, employees and equity partners through a clear business vision.

Whether your business vision includes traditional or digital marketing, I will ensure your message is compelling and clear.