A strong brand is crucial to the growth of your business.

Your brand defines who you are.

If you are a start up or even if you been in business for years, your brand needs to clearly define your business purpose, promise and values. If it fails in any of those areas, you won't get the kind of market engagement that is crucial for business growth.

If you have to explain your brand, then it's time to look at a brand refresh.
If you are losing market share to your competition, then your branding is letting you down.
Investing in your brand identity is an investment in your business future.

What's the difference between a brand, branding and brand identity?

A brand is how others perceive your business.

Your brand defines who you are and is the emotional connection you make with your market. Does your brand delivers what it promises and is it the go-to product or service? If it is, then you have succeeded in creating a strong brand. If it isn't, it's time to think about a brand refresh.

Branding are the actions you take to build a brand.

Branding is how your company will deliver on its brand promise, convey its message and it's vision. This is basically how your will deliver your message to your market. Branding is strategic and to create a great brand you need to make sure your marketing and message are consistent.

Brand identity is the look and feel of your brand.

A brand identity is what your market experiences when they interact with your brand. It's the aesthetics and tangible aspects of your brand, so it's something that triggers our senses. It's your logo, the colours you use, what your slogan conveys and how your product feels or sounds.

How to tell if your branding is working.

   The easiest way to tell if your brand is working is very simple, just look at your sales:

  • Are you attracting new customers?
  • Are they buying?
  • Are they coming back again and again?

A strong brand will lead to sales and business growth. But there are many subtler ways to measure if your brand is working for you. For instance, does it stand out in the market, are people interacting with you marketing and do people remember your brand. If you are successfully achieving all these, they will lead to revenue and mean you have a strong brand that is working for you.

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Hear what my clients have to say...

We came to Antonia for our company re-brand. This included a logo, brand guidelines and marketing material. Antonia patiently guided us through the process until we settled on our new brand. It worked so well for us, that I have referred Antonia to two of our affiliated organisations.



Here are a few of my clients.

I am a brand identity specialist.

I have been creating brands for over 25 years and absolutely love the process and the creativity that comes from collaborating with a company and then developing their brand identity.

To see the brand grow from an idea, through to design and message development, and then integrating it into the business; I find very exciting. It's that integration with the values of the business and what they offer that always brings a real sense of optimism to the founders.

Having a business plan and a financial model are both a great place to start your business, but then you need to look outward to your market and connect with them. You need to create a relationship through your brand and you can't do that without investing some time into your brand identity.

And that's where I can help you! Whether you need a brand refresh or after the development of a complete brand identity that will excite your market; talk to me.

Are you having trouble connecting with your market?
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