It is crucial that your market not only understands your business message but are excited and engaged with it. If you haven't invested in your business strategy, you are going to burn a great deal of time, money and energy and have little to show for it.

Creating clarity around your business message will help propel your business.


A powerful brand strategy is one of the most important aspects of any business, large or small, retail or B2B. If you need help creating an effective brand narrative that will give you a major edge in an increasingly competitive market, then give me a call.


Your logo needs to support your brand narrative and convey your brand personality. If your current logo fails to meet these requirements, there's no time to lose. Reach out to me; I'm a corporate identity specialist and will create a powerful brand for you.


A well designed business card is an essential part of your company’s brand and an important first impression for potential customers. Combine that with well designed stationery and signage and you will have the foundation of an effective branding.

Are you failing to inspire your market? Then it's time to revitalise your brand and develop a powerful business strategy.

A great brochure continues selling long after you've left the building.

When done effectively, with a strong brand narrative, powerful images and quality design, your brochure can create a lasting impression that will keep on selling your solution or your ideas long after you’ve left it in your client’s hands.

They are still an essential way to present your products and services and connect with customers. If you are unsure about your current brochure’s ability to do that then send it to me and I will give you a free assessment.

Giving your customers something they want to keep and show others can be a valuable asset for your company. Let us whip up a clever solution for your needs that will promote your company and your brand.

"Weighing up my design options earlier this year, AOK caught my eye. After our initial chat, I had confidence that AOK would be able to solve our various issues, design our guide and bring it to completion with professionalism and enthusiasm.This certainly was the case. The guide arrived yesterday and the Melbourne crew (and myself) are very pleased."

Mark Petty - Director, Parryville

Do you need a professionally designed Word document you can edit yourself?

A professionally designed Word document that aligns with your business message and brand is essential if you are reporting, tendering or pitching.

If you want a Word document solution that provides simple formatting solutions that focus on consistency of style and brand compliance that can still be easily edited by you and your team, you need to contact me.

I create high-profile documents in Microsoft Word that are intuitive, easy to use and still feature impressive, high quality design that will support your brand and ensure your business communication looks great but is also delivered with maximum impact