by Antonia Grimard

July 15, 2018

Video generates a higher response rate from viewers than any other media!

As a matter of fact, your message can be understood in seconds. Checkout this short video or keep reading and you'll see that the results speak for themselves.


of web users
watch video ads

​​​​​​​​60 secs

of video is worth
one million words


of viewers take action
after watching video

making video the ultimate sales tool

Are you starting to see how effective video can be? From the 52% of viewers that watch a video, an astounding 12% then go on to make a purchase. Giving video an impressive return on investment.

How can you use video for your message?

Adding video to your website is just one way you can use video. There are so many other ways to include video in your message. Here's just a couple to consider...

If you are hosting a corporate event you could add a video to open the event. Event openers are a great way to bring your audiences attention to the stage prior to starting your speakers. They can be branded to the occassion and will definitely add impact.

Is your presentation dull? A great solution is to add an animated logo prior to playing your presentation to an audience or before your pitch. Your presentation will suddenly have greater impact plus it's fantastic branding and will make you look like an even bigger star.

Whether it's an exploding 3D logo or a logo that floats through space, the styles and solutions are endless and can be customised to match your needs.

Video generates proven results not only for sales but for branding and message penetration. Isn't it time you added video to your next project?

Statistics from Internet Retailer: Industry Strategies for Online Merchants.

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