Take a look at the results of my 12-month experiment.

How many of you have tried creating content consistently for social media and fallen in a heap after it became too much work? I did the same. I posted some random content on LinkedIn and Facebook but couldn't see how I was going to keep it up and get the results I wanted. I put down my mouse and walked away for over a year.

Then one day I thought it was time to dig in and see if I could get this plane off the ground. At this point, Google Analytics was telling me I had three people visit my website that year. WHAT!!! I worked hard on the content of my website and I darned well-wanted people to pop by and at least take a look. But of course, no one knew about my site because I hadn't given them a reason to go.

This time I was determined to have a solid plan and batch produce my content. So I created a 12-month calendar and broke my content up into three categories – informative, personal and promotional.

I strapped on my big girl pants and started creating eye-catching graphics and posted consistently at least ten times a month. The numbers were staggering. At the end of 2018, I had 2169 people visit my website and 4537 page views.


   3 people visited my site


   2169 people visited my site

And here was another curve-ball... 

I thought my target market was LinkedIn and only posted to Facebook because I figured, it was simple enough to post to both so why not. The results were a real eye-opener. The referrals from Facebook outperformed LinkedIn by over 100%.

Did this experiment pay off?

I did get a massive improvement in people going to my site, so yes it did. Has my strategy now changed because of it? Absolutely!!!

Stay tuned to the results of my next experiment, driving people to my site using video and an engagement strategy.

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