Congratulations! If you are reading this blog that means you’re about to do an investor presentation and you’re probably looking for some tips and tricks on how to get it just right.

We work with people just like you to develop presentations that get results. After all, you only get one opportunity to present to venture capitalists and you'll want to get it right first time.

Let's dive in and have a look at what this client was using and the solution we supplied that then went on to raise them $5M.


On the left is a sample of a key slide from the presentation the client was working with. As you can see the branding is weak and there’s too much information on the slide. Overall key points inventors are looking for haven’t been addressed and their message was unclear and not getting them results.


On the right is the solution we supplied. The message is strong and each slide is clearly branded. The presentation goes on to state who they are, what kind of investment they are looking for and explains what they’re offering and why it's a game-changer.

Your goal is to make sure the message in your investor presentation is crystal clear and ensure essential points investors are looking for are covered in your content.

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QUICK TIPEnsure complex ideas are explained simply

If you’re explaining a complex idea, illustrate it simply by boiling down the facts to its key information. If the investor is interested in more information you can always provide greater detail in your handout.

Should you have animation?

This investor presentation was presented to a room full of potential investors and the client had a handheld clicker to control the pace of the presentation. This was an experienced presenter that knew his stuff and had a set amount of time to present. However, if you are presenting one-on-one, then less animation would be better as you may have to advance and back track through your slides as you chat with your investors.

You can have as much or as little animation as you feel comfortable with but remember animation should add to your message and not detract from it.

Investor presentations are never a one-size-fits all and as time goes by you will continue to fine tune your presentation by adding and deleting slides to suit your audience.

And finally, don’t forget to ask for what you want and finish with some strong branding.

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