I’ve been developing pitch decks for over 10 years and worked with every size and stage of capital raising clients. I noticed companies kept coming back to the same question ‘What content do investors want to see in my pitch deck?’ So, I went out and asked them.

In this video you will find out what venture capitalists have told me they need to see in your pitch deck and then I go on to flesh out each point.

It’s kinda my secret sauce and I have been successfully using this content guide for my clients and seen great results.

You only get one chance to pitch to investors and I want to make sure you are given every chance to succeed.

If you are raising capital, checking out this video will definitely help you. I'll also give you a couple of bonus tips I've learnt along the way.

If you would like one of our experts to work on your content; there’s a link below where you can reach out to us, and book a call.


If you would like a pdf of the points I covered in the video, I created a free downloadable guide. It will take you through all the points you'll need for your pitch deck and offer suggestions on how to approach your content. You can find the link for the pdf below.

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