Let me start with a question I get asked a lot... 
Isn't every business a brand?

The answer is no!

Most businesses tend to think of themselves as brands, however, it isn't until you make a brand promise that you have the responsibilities associated with a brand. 

When your business promises a customer-centric value or experience, you have made a brand promise. You need to follow through with that promise. 

Let me give you an example.

Let's say you own a business called Larry's Lawn Mowing. If you promote services like hedge trimming, lawn mowing and weeding; you are promoting a business. Sure you business will have branding, but at this point you aren't a brand. You are a branded business.

Suppose you talked to all your customers and found out that loud gardening equipment annoyed them. So you decided to replace your loud gardening equipment with hand tools and changed your business name to The Quiet Gardener. You have now made your customers a brand promise - to garden quietly - which means you are now promoting a brand. You have put your customer's needs at the centre of your business and pivoted your business to suit their needs.

Now, if the Quiet Gardener turned up with loud motorised equipment, the business would lose clients pretty quickly and your new brand would no longer be trusted by your customers.

In a nutshell...

You are a business...
if you are promoting services
or products that are transactional
or purely sales-based.

You are a brand...
if you are promoting your business based on services or products that meet client-specific preferences or needs.

If you were Larry's Lawn Mowing, you would be looking at getting in front of as many people as possible that have gardens within your geographic region.

But if you were The Quiet Gardner, you will be promoting your brand to people that want a peaceful solution for their gardening needs. That's a smaller and less competitive niche for your brand. https://aok.com.au/do-you-understand-the-power-of-a-niche/.

So the question is, have you intentionally or unintentionally moved from a sales-driven business to a brand?

If you have and haven't completed the work that goes into developing a brand, you may find yourself struggling with:

  • a market that is unclear about what you offer
  • little or no results on social media
  • a lack of business and revenue growth

I've got news for you; your road to success will be long and arduous unless you do the hard work behind developing a business strategy. 

And that's why I am creating a powerful step-by-step program called the Business Impact Masterclass. In this program, I will show you how to:

  • build a powerful business niche
  • develop a unique offering
  • become customer centric; and
  • create a core message that will be the cornerstone of your business

We are talking about a jam-packed masterclass built specifically to give you the skills to confidently build, promote and grow your business.

If you want help building a business with impact and can't wait, book a call with me today.

Let's chat about where you are at and find a solution just for you.

Antonia Grimard

About the author

Hi, I'm Antonia, and I know that through a compelling business strategy and effective messaging, you can inspire people to take action to buy your product or invest in your idea. So getting it right is crucial. My job is to powerfully communicate who you are to your customers, employees and equity partners through a clear business vision.

Whether your business vision includes traditional or digital marketing, I will ensure your message is compelling and clear.